We’re on course to take four historic DAC hubs online, but what does it mean for them to succeed and how do we measure progress along the way? How Direct Air Capture Succeeds presents an original framework for answering these questions and explores the economic, political, justice and technological factors that come into play.

On March 8, we brought folks from across the DAC ecosystem together for a virtual panel on what it takes to ensure just and effective hubs. Courtni Holness (Carbon180, Senior Policy Advisor) and Shuchi Talati (Carbon180, Senior Visiting Scholar) were joined by Marcela Mulholland (OCED, Stakeholder Engagement Specialist), Max Scholten (Heirloom, Head of Commercialization), and Celina Scott-Buechler (Data for Progress, Senior Resident Fellow, Climate Innovation) for a conversation on siting considerations, information sharing, building trust, keeping the benefits of hubs within host communities, and more.

Watch the full recording below.

Cover image by Jonathan Bell