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Meet the climate experts and strategists looking out for carbon removal.

Our People

  • Treshia Barclift

    Managing Director of Strategy and Operations

    Leading learning and organizational development at Carbon180, Treshia believes in creating spaces to learn out loud, dismantling harmful systems while increasing equity, and building a more inclusive carbon removal field. Her background in organizational systems, DEIBJ, and her MS in organizational development help inform her human-centered and intentional practices. She currently lives in Northern Virginia with her family.

  • Erin Burns

    Executive Director

    As executive director, Erin guides our team as we think big to scale equitable, just, and highly accountable carbon removal and build an organization focused on radical operational excellence. She previously worked on energy, labor, and coal worker transition issues in the Senate. She is originally from West Virginia and currently lives in DC with her family.

  • Sifang Chen, PhD

    Managing Science and Innovation Advisor

    Sifang works to ensure C180’s policy work is informed by the most up-to-date science and industry knowledge, bringing expertise from her work in science policy, biotechnology, and nanotechnology. She holds a BS from the University of British Columbia and a PhD in physics from the University of Washington. Based in DC, Sifang enjoys hiking and board games.

  • Alayna Chuney, Esq.


    As a director, Alayna works to ensure EJ is at the forefront of CDR policy development. In her eight years of experience in environmental law, she has represented frontline communities and defended the Clean Water and Clean Air Acts. She is an alumnus of MSU and received her JD from Western Michigan University.

  • Gloria Dabek

    Managing Policy Advisor

    Gloria advises on Carbon180’s land-based carbon removal policy, leveraging her background in food and agriculture policy and advocacy. She holds a BA in public policy from Duke University and currently lives in DC where she can always be found with her nose in a book.

  • Mo Dailey

    Managing Director of Programs

    Mo oversees programmatic teams at C180, providing subject matter expertise and strategic guidance to team leads. She previously worked as a senior vice president at The Wilderness Society. Based in DC, she’s a Returned Peace Corps Volunteer and, in her downtime, loves hanging out with her two cats and spending quality time with her partner.

  • Nasya Dodson, JD

    Senior Environmental Justice Advisor

    Nasya supports C180’s growing work to develop equitable and just carbon removal policy. She has a background in climate justice and environmental technology policy and holds a JD from Howard University. Based in Atlanta, Nasya enjoys workplace comedies, jazz, and her two dogs.

  • Courtney Fee

    Managing Communications Associate

    Courtney leads the design of C180’s communications and brand initiatives — integrating over eight years of work in multimedia art, creative direction, and writing. When she’s not gabbing about her favorite fonts, you can find her in the ocean, walking miles in a greenspace, or writing about technology and the natural world.

  • Maya Glicksman

    Senior Policy Advisor

    Maya works on Carbon180’s land policy team to enhance carbon removal on US farms, ranches, and forests. She draws from both her BA in geology-biology from Brown University — alongside her personal connections with land — to advocate for a climate-resilient, just food system. After hours, she is a local food rescuer and redistributor, community herbalist in training, and adoring scuba diver.

  • Ashlynn Hall

    Managing Policy Advisor

    Navigating intersections of direct air capture and community welfare, Ashlynn shapes policies for a future that integrates technology with social and economic well-being. She holds bachelor’s degrees in political science and economics from the University of Houston. Beyond work, she finds joy in wandering Houston’s green spaces and nurturing the cabbages in her garden.

  • Kajsa Hendrickson

    Director of Policy

    Kajsa works on technology-based carbon removal policy using her background in renewable energy, utility engagement, and sustainability consulting. She holds a BA in political science from Washington State University and an MA in peace and justice studies from the University of San Diego. Kajsa calls Salt Lake City home and spends her free time in Utah’s wilderness.

  • Courtni Holness

    Managing Policy Advisor

    Courtni supports the development of tech-based carbon removal policy at Carbon180. She holds a BE in earth system science and environmental engineering from The City College of New York. Before C180, she led research that informed conservation efforts to preserve biodiversity in eastern Mexico’s Montane forests. Courtni loves listening to music and creating playlists in her free time.

  • Jovan Keith

    Director of People

    As director of people, Jovan designs and delivers employee-first solutions that align with our strategic goals and values. With over 12 years of proven expertise in fostering dynamic talent strategies, Jovan has worked in city and state government, non-profit, and private companies. She is an alumnus of Emory University, holds an MBA, and is currently completing her PhD at the University of Denver. Based in Colorado, Jovan enjoys exploring new adventures with her family.

  • Anu Khan

    Entrepreneur in Residence

    Anu leads a new initiative to create, maintain, and advocate for the adoption of rigorous quantification standards across the CDR sector, ensuring that this new industry is built on a foundation of transparency and accountability. Anu holds degrees in chemistry from Caltech and Princeton. She is based in DC.

  • Peggy Kiernan

    Senior Managing Development Advisor

    Peggy supports the implementation of Carbon180’s fundraising plan, previously having worked in fundraising for racial justice and voting rights, international development, and higher education organizations. She is based in Atlanta and loves spending time outside with her family.

  • Ugbaad Kosar

    Director of Environmental Justice

    Ugbaad leads Carbon180’s environmental justice program, ensuring equity and justice are at the forefront of the organization’s work. Ugbaad holds a dual MS in forest sciences and renewable resource management from the University of Alberta and the University of Freiburg and a BS from Carleton University. She’s based in DC. Follow her on Twitter: @ugbaad_kosar.

  • Gretchen Kroh, PhD

    Managing Policy Advisor

    Gretchen advises on carbon removal in agriculture and forestry systems with a focus on farmer and rancher engagement. She previously worked on climate and innovation policy at USDA’s Office of the Chief Scientist and holds a PhD from Colorado State University where she studied photosynthesis. Gretchen is based in Bozeman, Montana, and enjoys climbing, skiing, and hiking the surrounding mountains.

  • Alyson Lee

    Senior Managing Government Affairs Advisor

    Alyson uses her political advocacy experience to build effective relationships with stakeholders and advance C180’s mission. She holds a BS in environmental science from North Carolina State University and an MS in sustainability from Virginia Tech. Based in Washington, DC, Alyson spends her free time experimenting with new recipes.

  • Charlotte Levy, PhD

    Managing Science and Innovation Advisor

    Charlotte keeps the organization informed on the latest science for carbon removal. Previously, she worked on bioenergy, land use and management, and remote sensing in government and academia. She can be found at home in Washington, DC, or hiking and birding anywhere green.

  • Ana Little-Saña

    Senior Communications Associate

    Ana supports Carbon180 in shaping the narrative around carbon removal and increasing the impact of the Carbon180 brand in the CDR field. She comes to the climate space, having previously worked as a consultant on nonprofit and political digital campaigns. Ana is based in Washington, DC.

  • Londyn Marshall

    Director of Government Affairs

    Londyn leads Carbon180’s government affairs work at the organization, leveraging her experience in advocacy and fundraising to elevate federal policy goals. She holds a BA in political science from the University of Kentucky. In her spare time, she enjoys reading (FEC filings, among other literature) and walks around Dupont Circle. She is based in Washington, DC.

  • John Milko

    Senior Managing Policy Advisor

    John supports C180’s efforts to accelerate the development and deployment of tech-based carbon removal solutions through federal demand-side policies. Before joining the team, he helped advance clean procurement policies for industrial materials as a member of Third Way’s Climate and Energy Program. When not working he is likely chasing after one of his two kids in downtown Charleston.

  • Nhu Phung

    Senior Learning and Organizational Development Associate

    Nhu designs the learning curriculum at Carbon180 and supports the fellowship program. Prior to joining, Nhu conducted research on eco-anxiety, climate literacy, and Arctic policy at Brown University. She is happiest on misty hiking trails, sandy beaches, or curled up with a cup of tea.

  • Emily Reich

    Director of Communications

    Emily leads communications across the organization, ensuring our work is clear, accessible, and maybe even fun. She previously managed communications at a sustainability think tank and did marketing and copywriting for a healthy snacks brand. She is based in New York.

  • Angie Sabin

    Managing Director of Finance and Administration

    Angie leads Carbon180’s finance and administrative team and oversees related processes and systems. She has previously held C-level finance and operations roles at nonprofit organizations and is based in Portland, Oregon. She spends her free time playing in a band, crafting, gardening, dancing, and being obsessed with her dog, Walter.

  • Patrick Sanders

    Director of Development

    Patrick secures resources and stewards relationships with stakeholders to help advance C180’s mission. Prior to joining the team, he worked in university fundraising for schools of law, medicine, nursing, and public health. Based in Washington, DC, Patrick enjoys walking around the city with his husband and son.

  • Samhita Saquib

    Senior Managing Policy Advisor

    Samhita leads Carbon180’s policy strategy and engagement on carbon removal infrastructure. Prior to joining the team, she worked in environmental consulting and urban planning. Samhita holds a BA in environmental studies from the University of California, Santa Barbara. She is currently based in Washington, DC. Samhita loves boba, Thai food, succulents, and crafting very elaborate costumes.

  • Jackie Smith

    Senior Managing Finance and Administration Advisor

    Jackie uses her accounting and grant management background to support these functions within Carbon180. Prior to joining C180, Jackie worked with community-based organizations to apply and manage grant programs at the federal, state, university, and foundation levels. Based in Washington, DC, in her spare time, Jackie can be found in nature, listening to music, or in her element — cooking in a beautiful kitchen.

  • Vanessa Suarez

    Managing Environmental Justice Advisor

    Vanessa champions equity in carbon removal policies and projects as part of the environmental justice team. She holds a BS from UC Berkeley in conservation and resource studies and has a background in EJ policy and advocacy. Vanessa lives in California’s Central Valley and enjoys dancing in her free time.

  • Eric O. Sutton III, MEd

    Senior Managing Environmental Justice Advisor

    Eric heads C180’s environmental justice regranting initiative. Before joining, he facilitated donor strategy collaborations among major environmental and climate foundations. With a background in community organizing, education, and policy writing, he has championed voting rights expansion, wetland conservation, and abolishing the carceral state. Based in the Midwest, Eric enjoys a good hike.

  • Tracy Yu

    Managing Communications Associate

    Tracy spends her time honing Carbon180’s content and brand. She works hand-in-hand with Carbon180’s science and policy experts to tell the story of carbon removal and elevate the organization’s ideas. She holds a BS in journalism and previously worked at a mission-driven digital agency. She resides in New York.

  • Cristel Zoebisch

    Director of Policy

    Cristel leads C180’s land policy work, leveraging federal policy to support carbon removal in agriculture and forestry. Her approach is informed by her previous work on conservation and climate policy for sustainable farmers and ranchers. Cristel holds a BA in economics from the University of Texas at Austin and an MA in food studies from New York University. She is based in Baltimore, Maryland, and enjoys hiking with her family.

Our Board

  • Keely Anson


    Keely Anson started her career as a health and wellness coach in Southern California after graduating from UCLA. She moved to the Bay Area to work with some of the most illuminating minds and legacy investors at Kleiner Perkins. After spending time at the healthcare technology company, Collective Health, she went on to lead investments, philanthropy, and political giving at Incite, the family office of Matt Rogers (co-founder of Nest). Keely is currently an investor with Collaborative Fund leading their Shared Future Fund, which provides rapid, catalytic funding and useful resources to early-stage entrepreneurs working to solve the global climate crisis.

  • Roxanne D. Brown


    Roxanne Brown has served United Steelworkers from its Legislative and Policy Office in Washington, DC for 22 years, the past two as USW International Vice President at Large. She has extensive experience in policy around manufacturing, defense, energy, and the environment. Roxanne was a founding Steering Committee member of the BlueGreen Alliance and is a member of the Coalition of Black Trade Unionists. She serves on the boards of the National Endowment for Democracy, The League of Conservation Voters, Georgetown University’s Institute of International Economic Law, and the Bipartisan Policy Center’s Direct Air Capture Advisory Council. Born in Kingston, Jamaica, Roxanne was raised in White Plains, New York.

  • Marcius Extavour


    Dr. Marcius Extavour is a communicator and creative technologist who builds and deploys climate and energy solutions and helps others do the same. He established the TIME Climate 100 at TIME after building the energy and climate practice at XPRIZE as Chief Scientist and Executive VP. He has held roles at the US Senate Committee on Energy & Natural Resources, Ontario Power Generation, Nortel Networks, and the University of Toronto, where he earned a PhD in quantum physics. He serves as a Board Member at the US National Academies of Sciences and 1% for the Planet. His work has been featured on CNBC, CNN, PBS, and TVO. Marcius is a native of Toronto and lives in Los Angeles with his family.

  • Gabriel Kra

    Managing Director

    Gabriel Kra co-founded Prelude Ventures in 2013, after almost 25 years as an investor, entrepreneur, scientist, and activist. He is responsible for overseeing the firm’s investments in advanced energy, food and agriculture, transportation and logistics, advanced materials and manufacturing, and advanced computing. Gabriel serves on the Board of Directors for Ebb Carbon, Electric Hydrogen, Form Energy, Lightship, Meridian Clean Energy, PostScript Media, Renew Financial, Ripple Foods, Sense, and Trove and he has oversight for Prelude’s investments in Catalog NDA, Koloma, Metalenz, Mill Industries, Natron Energy, Nyriad, Scoop, Spark Thermionics and Thrilling. Gabriel also serves on the Board of Directors of Activate and The CREO Syndicate, and on the advisory board for Prime Coalition.

  • Erin Burns


    In addition to leading the organization as executive director, Erin has served on the Board since 2021.

Our Environmental Justice Advisory Council

  • LaTricea Adams

    LaTricea Adams, a Memphis native, is the Founder, CEO, and President of Young, Gifted & Green, a national environmental justice and civil rights organization. Adams previously served as a K-12 public educator and district administrator for 16 years. She is the youngest African American woman appointed to the White House Environmental Justice Advisory Council, where she co-chairs both the Environmental Justice Executive Order and Carbon Management Working Groups.

  • Elizabeth Holloway

    Liz Holloway credits her skills as a creative and empathic leader to ten seasons spent “in the bush”, living in close community, managing reforestation, and planting trees by hand in Canada. After completing her Master’s in Environmental Studies at York University, she supervised a team of adult educators delivering literacy programming in Canada’s Arctic territories. Liz relocated to Kentucky in 2022 to head a carbon removal and mine reclamation start-up. She now leads the ecological restoration of former mine lands with Appalachian Voices. Her work centers community vision, benefits, participation, and land access in high-integrity, nature-based carbon removal.

  • Alex Spike

    As Climate Justice Coordinator, Spike amplifies the connections between air quality, climate change, and environmental justice by coordinating community-based campaigns that educate and empower communities to take action for their health. Spike comes to Air Alliance Houston with a background in mathematics and atmospheric sciences with a concentration in air pollution meteorology. In their free time, Spike can be found walking his retired racing greyhound. 

Our Values

Every member of our team brings diverse skills and perspectives to our work. As we move forward, we’re guided not only by what we do but how we do it. For this, we look to our values. They’re our bedrock, at the heart of how we collaborate with one another and show up in the world.

  • One Boat

    We work hard to ensure that we are rowing in one direction as a team, aligning our work and resources to shared goals.

  • Pencil to Pen

    We think critically, do our research, and weigh multiple options. Then, we commit to move to action.

  • Win and Lose Together

    When one of us succeeds, we all win. When we encounter challenges, we determine how best to redirect the energy and resources of the team to solve them.

  • Person in the Professional

    Our team is composed of real people with real passions, interests, and needs, within and outside of our work. To be our best and most productive selves at work, we believe we need to care for ourselves and others.

  • Make Space, Share Space

    We believe in making space for all voices to be heard, within our team and our broader work — particularly and especially voices historically disenfranchised and disproportionately impacted by the effects of climate change.

  • Be a Window, Not a Door

    We’re committed to transparency and shining light on how and why decisions are made. We are honest with one another, ask for clarity, and operate with integrity to build a culture of trust.

  • Grow the Braintrust

    We are committed to constantly learning and staying up to speed on the science of our field. We work to grow our knowledge, sharpen our skills, and bring great minds to the field of carbon removal.