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Our Approach

We’re working to reverse two centuries of carbon emissions — the right way.

For us, that means centering justice, equity, and accountability in every policy and project so that the carbon-removing future we build works for everyone.

Building the carbon removal field means working collaboratively with policymakers, community members, entrepreneurs, and scientists to bring big ideas to bear in this fast-moving space. As we do, we’re defining what good carbon removal looks like, making sure it scales not just quickly, but well.

  • Policy: The US government is a powerful engine for change; we put it to work on carbon removal’s biggest obstacles, helping policymakers fill in research gaps, drive down costs, and unlock private capital.
  • Environmental Justice: With carbon removal, we have the chance to redress the injustices that led to this crisis in the first place. We weave environmental justice through every policy, project, and engagement to shape a carbon removal field that reroutes power to the most disenfranchised.
  • Science & Innovation: We work directly with scientists and startups, grounding our work in the latest research, partnering with entrepreneurs to incubate early ideas, and supporting innovation in emerging markets — all with the goal of creating tangible, lasting impact.

This is an enormous opportunity to build the right foundation for carbon removal, catalyzing innovation and ensuring we remove legacy emissions in ways that center equity and justice.

Erin BurnsErin BurnsExecutive Director

What we do

While our projects vary widely, our driving purpose is singular: to bring carbon removal solutions to gigaton scale. Explore the latest to discover the breadth and depth of the work we’re doing across policy, science, and environmental justice.

  • DAC Hubs

    How do we make sure that major federal funding supports community, economy, and environment, all at once? We answer that hefty question for the Regional DAC Hubs program, a well-funded suite of projects that will set the stage for carbon removal and the quality bar along with it.

  • Environmental Justice Regranting

    To help bridge the funding gap faced by many environmental justice and BIPOC-led organizations, we’re rerouting grants to a selection of groups with the goal of giving them the resources they need to learn about and decide how they want to participate in building a carbon-removing future.

  • Farm Bill

    We’re advocating for the next Farm Bill to put research front and center, equipping farmers, ranchers, and landowners to transform their soil into a carbon sink and secure the long-term viability of those efforts.

  • But wait, there’s more

    We’re also working on how the government can be carbon removal’s biggest buyer and why it’s essential to know how much carbon we’re removing.

Clean air, healthy oceans, and thriving communities — it’s all within reach.

The tools, practices, and policies we need to realize a carbon-removing world are at our fingertips. With your support, we can reverse our climate trajectory and look ahead to a future that’s better than our past.