Our mission

To champion carbon removal solutions through science and innovation.


We are a new breed of climate-focused NGO on a mission to fundamentally rethink carbon. We partner with policymakers, scientists and businesses around the globe to develop policy, promote research, and advance solutions that transform carbon from a liability to an asset.  Our vision is to build a prosperous, carbon-conscious economy that removes more carbon from the atmosphere than we emit.


Our strategy sets us apart

By partnering with experts and change-makers across industries, we stand up three essential pillars of economic transformation: accelerated research, smart practices, and effective policies.


Growing the knowledge base

Increased focus (and funding) for R&D allows for testing and deploying technologies on a greater scale.


Fostering real world use cases

By changing their operations to sequester carbon, smart businesses can activate a new source of productivity and value.


Changing the policy landscape

Policies that encourage new technology and smarter practices will build local economies, increase competitiveness and create jobs.