The carbon removal field has undergone incredible transformation in the last five years. What began as a highly niche and neglected set of climate solutions has since become a core component of climate action, with growing recognition from an ever-broader coalition of one simple fact: We simply cannot meet our global climate goals without carbon removal. To solve the climate crisis, we must push past zero and get to negative. Building upon recent progress, Congress has a singular opportunity to catalyze the next wave of transformation for carbon removal.

This report outlines the key actions Congress should take over the next one to three years to rapidly develop and deploy carbon removal. The recommendations in this report focus on how we can realize carbon removal’s full potential as a critical climate solution and also deliver on its environmental, economic, and social co-benefits. With the tools at its disposal — RD&D, deployment incentives, infrastructure, and regulations — the federal government is poised to reinvent the US economy, drive forward a new industry, and put our climate and communities first.

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